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I'm working on being more active on Social Media so feel free to follow! 

Instagram: @aleuthemermaid 

Twitter: @aleuthemermaid 

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I'm still selling my previous Princess Tiana dress! Instead of dealing with Ebay, I'd like to just ship it directly and use Paypal (Ebay has too much drama!) Some details: Used, corested back, custom made my seamstress in LA, can fit about size 0-8, great to go to a cosplayer, will need some TLC and a bit of sewing to make it look new, but still in great condition for the price! Contact me at for more details! 
$150 plus shipping 
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Hey guys!

As many of you may know, my MLP cosplay group Flirty Fillies has really gotten off the ground since our debut at Anime Expo this year. Our goal for the upcoming cons is to get as many Mane 6 photos as possible. Unfortunately, we were unable to get as many photos as we would have liked because of our different schedules and commitments. It seems that we are usually short a pony or two, and people ALWAYS ask about Rainbow Dash. We have a back-up RD who is an amazing cosplayer and well known in the community, but she is the little sister of one of our ponies and is unfortunately not of legal age to go to some of the events that we attend. This is where YOU come in!
We are currently looking for an amazing Rainbow Dash cosplayer (18+) to join our group, attend conventions, and overall have fun! We will soon be shooting a sexy MLP themed calendar to sell for charity as well.
If you were not aware, Flirty Fillies is essentially a "sexy My Little Pony cosplay group". We've gotten a lot of positive feedback and we enjoy having fun at cons, while still keeping the integrity of the show, so no need to worry about that.
Anyway, there are some 'reference' photos on our page, but it is up to YOU the cosplayer to alter the cosplay anyway you want to portray what you think is sexy!
We are based out of LA, so you should be somewhere in that general So Cal area. Check out our page and comment here/link your cosplay if you are interested. Also, pass this along to any RD cosplayers who may be interested. There are 2 we've seen around cons who we've  wanted to recruit.

This girl:…

and this girl:…

I would cosplay her myself, but I love being Pinkie too much! Hahaha!

ANYWAY, check out our page and comment below if you are interested.

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When someone tries to bring you down
Or doesn't have anything constructive to say
Throw your middle finger up

That is all :)

Your friendly reminder from Aleu
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Hey there,

Thank you all so much for your support, DeviantWatches, comments and favorites :)

I know I'm pretty much a nobody in this art world, but your comments mean a lot to me, especially those regarding my cosplay. So I've made a fan page where I can socialize, post WIPs and let you know what cons I'll be attending.

I will also be updating about things going on in my acting and modeling career. I would love to have you all go on this journey with me :)

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Hey guys,

Not sure how many of you are subscribed to me on YouTube, but I've done my first acoustic cover of a My Little Pony song :D

Will also be doing more fan dubs and songs from MLP!…
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Hey guys :D

Just journaling to let you all know that myself and my sister :iconlittlemissmint: have started a new endeavor, a company we call Sirena Princess Parties. This includes the standard Princess Parties for kids as well as an Etsy shop that we call The Siren Store. We have so many great ideas in mind, so anyone who wants to support us and our efforts can add the Facebook page.

Thank you all! <3

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Hey guys,

I'm updating to say that I am finally starting to get really serious about Youtube and getting my videos out there on my channel. I've already received some good feedback as well as more fews and subscribers and I would love it if you'd check out my page and subscribe if you like the content!
It's a mix between Disney, cosplay, and 90s nostaligia haha. I also make AMV's, dance video, parodies. It's super fun!
So check out:

Thank you so much!
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Hey everyone,

I will journal about the amazingness that was AX later...but for now I would love it if you vote for my Tiana submission for this cosplay contest. I believe you must LIKE Otaku House's page on Facebook, then LIKE the photo as me as Tiana for me to get points. If you enjoy my Tiana cosplays, this would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

The Link:…
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This weekend is going to be really exciting!

Friday: Going shopping for hoop skirts and fabric for princess Kida.
Saturday: Princess Tiana photoshoot
Sunday: Pre-con gathering for Conji in San Diego!!!

I'm super stoked to see all my friends this weekend, especially the cosplayers. I love the vibe, it will definitely take a lot of stress off of me from school and crap.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Check it out! Especially if you're a Disney fan…
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I know this is technically not tangible art, but I wrote a song about Death Note. I think you all might enjoy it. Check it out at:…

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Almost finished with my mermaid cosplay. (Original Character)

Next I want to do Princess Jasmine and Ishizu Ishtar!

Who wants to help me lol
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Just found out like a day ago that my friend got me a ticket to Comic Con! What a nice surprise! I'll be there on Sunday! I'll update afterwards! :-)
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Anime Expo was amazing. It was my first one. I had a lot of fun and met some crazy cool people! Pics coming soon. For now, I'll just upload a little something I photoshopped. Check it out.
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Hello all!

I have finally finished my Katara fire nation outfit for Anime Expo. I think it looks great considering the fact that I suck at sewing lol. It's kind of a more sexxed up version of Katara, but that's pretty much what anime is, the sexxed up version of a regular cartoon :P
Anyway, I'll have pictures as soon as I buy a new camera (mine broke). I hope to see a lot of you at Anime Expo, that would be neat!
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Hey DeviantArt,

I know I haven't been on here in FOREVER but I think I'm going to come back with a vengeance because I love what I've been seeing on here and I want to contribute to this wonderful art community. Man, that was a runon sentence, but I'm excited! I just have to figure out how to navigate this site! Feel free to add me on Facebook, just search my name

-Aleu Moana
The Hawaiian Mermaid